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Marty Dieckmeyer was the bass player for the Christian rock band Daniel Amos from 1974 to 1981[1]. Dieckmeyer did the lead vocal on the song "Props" from the ¡Alarma! album in 1981. (This was not a serious vocal, however -- it was done in one take with the tune deliberately pitched too high for him.)

In Late 1974, Dieckmeyer was asked to join Jubal's Last Band, a band consisting of Terry Scott Taylor, Steve Baxter, and new guitarist Jerry Chamberlain. Sometime in the middle of 1975, Jubal (they shortened the name from Jubal's Last Band) went to a meeting for Maranatha! Music and Calvary Chapel. Another band at the meeting, led by Darrell Mansfield, had the same name - Jubal. The two bands decided to change their names to avoid confusion. Mansfield renamed his band Gentle Faith, and Jubal became Daniel Amos. Daniel Amos succeeded in landing a recording and performance contract with Maranatha Music, and quickly recorded their first song for the label, Taylor's "Aint Gonna Fight It." Their first full album, produced by Al Perkins followed in 1976.

In the years after leaving DA, Dieckmeyer has performed with a number of bands in the L.A area, including Elvis and Sweetie Pie. In 2002 he began recording a solo CD with vocalist Glen Lystne; they call themselves Larry. The CD is entitled "Lucy, I'm In Love", available at CD

Marty now lives in South Orange County with his wife and daughters and is working as a Landscape Architect.


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