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Maximilian Kaller (10 October 1880 – 7 July 1947) was Roman Catholic Bishop of Ermland (Polish: Warmia) in East Prussia from 1930–1947, however, de facto expelled since mid-August 1945 he served as special bishop for the homeland-expellees until his death.


Early life

Kaller was born in Beuthen (Bytom), Prussian Silesia into a merchant family as the second of altogether eight children. With the population of Beuthen being of German and Polish ethnicity he grew up bilingual in German and Polish language. He graduated from Gymnasium in 1899 with Abitur. Then he started theological studies in Breslau (today's Wrocław) at the episcopal see of his then home Prince-Bishopric of Breslau. There he was consecrated priest in 1903.[1]

He first served as chaplain at the parish of Groß Strehlitz (today's Strzelce Opolskie) in the Breslau diocese.[1] Between 1905 and 1917 he practised as missionary priest at St. Boniface parish in Bergen on Rügen island in the Hither Pomeranian Catholic diaspora within Breslau's Prince-Episcopal Delegation for Brandenburg and Pomerania. He accomplished to raise the necessary donations to erect St. Boniface Church there in 1912.[2] Since 1917 Kaller served as priest at Berlin's second oldest Catholic Church, Saint Michael's.[1]

Career as prelate and bishop

In 1926 he was promoted to Apostolic Administrator of Schneidemühl (today's Piła), where his jurisdiction comprised Catholic parishes of the dioceses of Chełmno and of Gniezno-Poznań, which had been dissected from their episcopal sees by the new Polish border in 1918 and 1920, respectively.[1]

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