Mebyon Kernow

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Mebyon Kernow (Cornish for Sons of Cornwall, often abbreviated to MK) is a left-of-centre political party in the United Kingdom. The main objective of MK is to establish greater autonomy in Cornwall, through the establishment of a legislative Cornish Assembly. Mebyon Kernow have four elected councillors on Cornwall Council, and 18 on town and parish councils.[3] The party has had no MPs elected to the UK Parliament, but for the first time had candidates running for all six Cornish constituencies in the 2010 election. They gained a total of 5,379 votes.



MK was founded on 6 January 1951 at a meeting held in Redruth. Helena Charles was elected the party's first chair. At the first meeting, MK adopted the following objectives:

By September 1951 they had officially come to a stance of supporting self-government for Cornwall, in what they hoped at the time would be a federal United Kingdom. MK won its first seat at local level on the Redruth-Camborne Urban Council in 1953. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, MK was in essence a political pressure group rather than a true political party, with members being able to join other political parties as well. However, by the 1970s the group developed into a more coherent and unified organisation. During this decade, MK began contesting Westminster parliamentary seats as well as local government ones. On 28 May 1975 Dr James Whetter left MK to form the Cornish Nationalist Party which was campaigning for full Cornish independence.

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