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Mego was an experimental electronic music independent record label based in Vienna, Austria.



Founded in 1994 by Ramon Bauer, Andreas Pieper and Peter Meininger, before Meininger left to be replaced by Peter Rehberg who records on the label under the name Pita. The label has released records by artists such as Fennesz, Hecker, Russell Haswell, Francisco López, Farmers Manual, Merzbow, Kevin Drumm, Jim O'Rourke, Rob Mazurek, Fuckhead, Vega/Vainio/Väisänen, Radian and many others. In December 2005 the company was closed, however in January 2006 Peter Rehberg founded Editions Mego, to carry on maintaining the back catalogue as well as releasing new works[citation needed].

Impact and critical acclaim

Heralding the use of the laptop as a DIY production tool and live performance instrument, the musicians gathered around Mego were seminal in defining a new genre of electronic music, defying conventions of both dancefloor oriented electronica and the academic field of electroacoustics. The label's efforts met critical acclaim among the specialised press[citation needed], and were awarded a distinction at the Ars Electronica 1999. In the jury's statement, Jim O'Rourke lauded the label's work as defining "a brand new punk computer music".[1]

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