Melbourne Football Club

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The Melbourne Football Club, nicknamed The Demons, is an Australian rules football club playing in the Australian Football League (AFL), based in Melbourne, Victoria.

In 1859,[2] a few days after it was founded, some of its members created the code of football that it still plays. In 1862 it competed in what may be the earliest challenge trophy competition, was a foundation member of the Victorian Football Association (VFA) (1877), one of two associations and governing bodies formed in the same year and in 1897 it became a foundation member of the Victorian Football League (VFL) competition which later became the national Australian Football League (AFL).

In 2008 the club celebrated what was the 150th anniversary of the first meeting of its founding members, published "Melbourne FC — Since 1858 — An Illustrated History" and commemorated its formation by naming "150 Heroes" as well as a birthday logo which appears on its official jersey.


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