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Metrication refers to the introduction and use of the SI metric system, the international standard for physical measurements. This has involved a long process of independent and systematic conversions of countries from various local systems of weights and measures. Metrication began in France in the 1790s and spread widely during the following two centuries. The process is sometimes called metrification.



According to the CIA Factbook only Burma (Myanmar), Liberia, and the United States have yet to adopt the International System of Units as their official system of measurement.[1][2] However, they all have adopted metric measures to some degree through international trade and standardisation.[2] The United States mandated the acceptance of the metric system in 1866 for commercial and legal proceedings, without displacing their customary units.[3] Both Liberia and Myanmar are substantially metric countries, trading internationally in metric units. Visitors also report that they use metric units for many things internally with exceptions such as old petrol pumps in Myanmar, calibrated in British Imperial gallons.[4]

However, a number of jurisdictions have laws mandating or permitting other systems of measurement in some or all contexts, such as the United Kingdom.[5][6] Most countries have adopted the metric system officially over a transitional period where both units are used for a set period of time. Some countries such as Guyana, for example, have officially adopted the metric system, but have had some trouble over time implementing it.[7] Antigua, also 'officially' metric, is moving toward total implementation of the metric system, but slower than expected.[8] Other Caribbean countries such as Saint Lucia are officially metric but are still in the process toward full conversion.[9]

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