Might and Magic

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Might and Magic (MM) is a series of computer role-playing games from New World Computing, which in 1996 became a subsidiary of The 3DO Company. The producer of the series was Jon Van Caneghem.

Might and Magic is considered one of the defining examples of early computer role-playing games, along with the Bard's Tale, Ultima and Wizardry series.[1]

The original Might and Magic series officially ended with the closure of the 3DO Company. The rights to the Might and Magic name were purchased for USD 1.3 million by Ubisoft,[2] who "rebooted" the franchise with a new series with no apparent connection to the previous continuity, starting with the games Heroes of Might and Magic V and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.



There are nine games in the series, consisting of:

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