Military of Colombia

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Escudo Armada Nacional de Colombia.svg National Armada
Escudo Infanteria de Marina de Colombia.svg Naval Infrantry
Escudo Fuerza Aerea Colombiana.svg Air Force

The Military of Colombia, officially the Military Forces of Colombia (Spanish: Fuerzas Militares de Colombia) is the armed forces of Colombia.



The Military of Colombia consists of:


  • Military Medical Corps (Sanidad Militar):Medical and Nurse Corps)
  • Military Industry (Industrias Militares INDUMIL): Military Industry Depot
  • Military Sports Federation (Federación Deportiva Militar FEDECODEMIL)
  • Military Printing (Imprenta Militar)
  • Military Museum (Museo Militar): History of the Armed Forces of Colombia
  • War Superior College (Escuela Superior de Guerra ESDEGUE)


In 1999, Colombia assigned 3.6% of its GDP to defense, according to the National Planning Department. By 2007 this figure had risen to 6.1% of GDP, one of the highest rates in the world. The armed forces number about 250,000 uniformed personnel: 145,000 military and 105,000 police. These figures do not include assistance personnel such as cooks, medics, mechanics, etc. This makes the Colombian military one of the largest and most well-equipped in Latin America. Many Colombian military personnel have received military training assistance directly in Colombia and also in the United States. The United States has provided equipment and financing to the Colombian military and police through the military assistance program, foreign military sales, and the international narcotics control program, all currently united under the auspices of Plan Colombia.

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