Military of Croatia

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 Kosovo - 20
 Chad - 15
 Syria - 95
 Pakistan - 7

Croatian military is officially called Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian: Oružane snage Republike Hrvatske - OSRH) and it consists of these branches:

Total active duty members of the armed forces (professional army) number is 20000.

Reserves number 12,000 of which 6,000 are on high alert. Available males aged 16–49 number 1,035,712, of which 771,323 are technically fit for military service.

Male citizens are no longer subject to compulsory military service starting January 1, 2008. However, the last generation of 2007 servicemen was also spared of compulsory service by an act from then Minister of Defense Berislav Rončević.[1]



The Croatian military budget for the past 4–5 years was kept below 2% of GDP; the same can't be said for 90's when defense expenditure represented major stake in Croatian Budgetary expenditure. For example, 1995 Croatian defense budget stood at 12.4 billion Croatian Kuna or just over 12% of GDP, which was also the highest defense expenditure ever.

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