Military of Egypt

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Egyptian Navy
Egyptian Air Force
Egyptian Air Defense Command

1948 Arab-Israeli War
Egyptian Revolution of 1952
Suez Crisis
North Yemeni Civil War
Six Day War
War of Attrition
Yom Kippur War
Shaba I
Libyan–Egyptian War
Gulf War

The Armed Forces of Egypt are the largest on the African continent and one of the largest in the world (ranked 10th), consisting of the Egyptian Army, Egyptian Navy, Egyptian Air Force and Egyptian Air Defense Command.

In addition, Egypt maintains large paramilitary forces. They numbered about 397,000 in 2007.[2] The Central Security Forces, and the Border Guard Forces are under Ministry of the Interior (Egypt) control. The National Guard, about 60,000, comes under the control of the Ministry of Defence.



The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the senior uniformed officer, is Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi and the Chief of General Staff is Lt. Gen. Sami Hafez Anan.

The Armed Forces' inventory includes equipment from the United States, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the former Soviet Union, and the People's Republic of China. Equipment from the former Soviet Union is being progressively replaced by more modern American, French, and British equipment, a significant portion of which is built under license in Egypt, such as the M1 Abrams tank.

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