Military of Lithuania

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Naval force emblem.jpg Naval Force
Air force emblem.jpg Air Force
KASP1.jpg Volunteer Forces
SOJ.jpg Special Operations Force

 Kosovo - 5
 Iraq - 4
 Georgia - 2
 Bosnia and Herzegovina - 1

The Lithuanian Armed Forces consist of ~15,000 active personnel (~2,400 of them - civilian)[1] and are supported by 100,000 reserve forces. Conscription has been ended in September 2008.[2]

Lithuania's defence system is based on the concept of "total and unconditional defence" mandated by Lithuania's national Security Strategy. The goal of Lithuania's defence policy is to prepare their society for general defence and to integrate Lithuania into Western security and defence structures. The defence ministry is responsible for combat forces, search and rescue, and intelligence operations.[3]

The 5,400 border guards fall under the Interior Ministry's supervision and are responsible for border protection, passport and customs duties, and share responsibility with the navy for smuggling / drug trafficking interdiction. A special security department handles VIP protection and communications security.


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