Military of Madagascar

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The Military of Madagascar is made up of the People's Armed Forces and the National Gendarmerie. The IISS detailed the armed forces in 2007 as including an Army of 12,500+, a Navy of 500, and a 500-strong Air Force.[1] An alternate report (seemingly from CIA World Factbook data) describes the People's Armed Forces as consisting of the Intervention Force, Development Force, and Aeronaval Force, which is the navy and air force.

The armed forces were involved in the 2009 Malagasy political crisis. During World War II, Malagasy troops fought in France, Morocco, and Syria.


Military Data

Eligible age to enter service: 18

Mandatory Service Terms: 18 months for conscripted service.

Manpower in general population-fit for military service: males age 18–49: 2,218,662 females age 18–49: 2,408,810 (2006 estimate)

Manpower reaching eligible age annually: males: 187,000 females age 18–49: 184,833 (2006 estimate)

Current Capabilities: Active: 13,500 Reserve: N/A

Military Expenditures (in US $): $32 million

Percent of GDP 7.2%


  • 12 PT-76 light tanks,
  • 35 BRDM-2 reconnaissance vehicles,
  • 30 M3A1 half-track armored personnel carriers,
  • 20 M-3A1,
  • 10 FV701 Ferret,
  • 8 M-8,
  • 12 76-mm ZIS-3 artillery pieces,
  • 12 122-mm artillery pieces,
  • ? 105-mm artillery pieces,
  • 50 14.5-mm ZPU-4 air defence guns,
  • 20 37-mm Type 55 air defence guns,
  • 8 120-mm M-43 mortars,
  • 24 82-mm M-43 mortars,
  • ? 81-mm M-29 mortars,
  • ? 89-mm rocket launchers,
  • ? 106-mm M40A1 recoilless rifles


  • 1 Malaika (French type PR48-meter design) patrol boat,
  • 6 other patrol craft,
  • 1 Toky (French BATRAM design),
  • 1 LCT (French EDIC design),
  • 1 LCA,
  • 3 LCVP amphibious craft

Air Force

Madagascar has a small air force (Armée de l'Air Malgache) based on its main aircraft, MiG-21s.


  • World Aircraft Information Files. Brightstar Publishing, London. File 339 Sheet 01

 This article incorporates public domain material from the CIA World Factbook document "2006 edition".

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