Military of Mongolia

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border defense force-6500, internal security and police force-15000

The military of Mongolia has three branches: general purpose forces, border defense forces and internal security forces. This is a peace-time structure. In case of war or war-like situations, the structure could be changed and reorganized.



Main article Military history of the Mongol Empire 13th century

Main article BogdKhanat-Mongolian Army 1911-1919

Main article Mongolian People's Army 1921-1993

Cold War era


Due to its geopolitical positions and economical powers, Mongolia has a unique military policy. Being between two of the world's largest nations, Mongolian armed forces have a limited capability to protect its independence against foreign invasions; the country's national security therefore depends strongly on diplomacy. The country's military ideal is to create and maintain a small but efficient and professional armed forces.

Mongolian armed forces in peacekeeping missions

Mongolian armed forces are performing peacekeeping missions in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Congo, Eritrea, Western Sahara and Afghanistan, and with the United Nations Mission in Liberia. Mongolian forces in Afghanistan mostly assist NATO/International Security Assistance Force personnel in training on the former Warsaw Pact weapons that comprise the bulk of the military equipment available to the Afghan National Army. In 2005/2006, Mongolian troops also served as part of the Belgian KFOR contingent in Kosovo. From 2009 Mongolian Armed Forces deploying it's largest peace keeping mission to Chad and the government is planning to deploy it's first fully self-sufficient UN mission there in mid 2011.

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