Military of Nepal

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The Nepalese Armed Forces are the military forces of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The current Nepalese Army traces its direct historic roots from the Royal Army of Nepal, renamed in recognition of Nepal's transition from a monarchy to a popularly elected republic in 2006. Composed primarily of the ground based Nepalese Army, organized into six active combat divisions, the Nepalese Armed Forces also operates the smaller Nepalese Army Air Service designed to support army operations and provide close light combat support. The Neplaese Army also operates smaller formations responsible for the organization of air defense, logistics, military communications, artillery, and airborne forces within Nepalese territory. In addition, the Nepalese Armed Police Force acts as a paramilitary force tasked with maintaining internal security within Nepal.

The Nepalese Armed Forces are a volunteer force with an estimated 95,000 active duty personnel in 2010, with an estimated annual military budget of around 60 million US dollars, not including military assistance funding from the People's Republic of China or more recently from the United States of America. Although most of Nepal's military equipment are imports from neighboring India or the People's Republic of China, Nepal has received 20,000 M-16 rifles, as well as night vision equipment from the United States to assist ongoing efforts in the post-September 11 global War on Terror campaign.


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