Military of Uruguay

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National Navy Shield National Navy
Roundel of Uruguay.svg Uruguayan Air Force

The Armed Forces of Uruguay (Fuerzas armadas del Uruguay or FF.AA. del Uruguay) consist of an army, navy, and air force. These three branches are constitutionally subordinate to the president through the Minister of Defense. By offering early retirement incentives, the government has trimmed the armed forces to about 14,500 for the army; 6,000 for the navy; and 3,000 for the air force. As of February 2003, Uruguay has more than 2,500 soldiers deployed on 12 UN peacekeeping missions. The largest groups are in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Haiti. There is also an 85-man[citation needed] contingent in the MFO in the Sinai.


Army (Ejército Nacional)

The Army consists of some 15,000 personnel organized into four divisions.

It is equipped with 15 Israeli Ti-67 (T-55) main battle tanks, 17 American M24 and 46 M41A1 Walker Bulldog light tanks, 15 American M113A1 armored personnel carriers, 15 Czech BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles and 90 OT-64 SKOT APCs, 64 German Condor APCs, 15 Brazilian EE-9 Cascavel and 16 EE-3 Jararaca armored cars, and 48 Russian lightly-armored GAZ-3937 amphibious vehicles.[citation needed] In 2008, Uruguay also purchased 44 6x6 Mowag Piranha APCs rehabilitated by FAMAE in Chile after initial service in the Canadian Army after that another batch of 100 of Grizzlys and 5 Huskys and has 4 sets of RM-70 rocket launcher Multiple rocket launcher.

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