Military of the Republic of Macedonia

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The Army of the Republic of Macedonia (Macedonian: Армија на Република Македонија, Armija na Republika Makedonija) is the name of the unified armed forces of the Republic of Macedonia. The Macedonian military is a defence force consisting of an army (Армија, Armija); an air force (Воено Воздухопловство, Voeno vozduhoplovstvo); and a professional military unit, the Macedonian Special Forces (Волци, Volci). The national defence policy aims to guarantee: the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the republic; the integrity of its land area, territorial waters and airspace; and to defend the country's constitution. Its main interests remain the development and maintenance of a credible capability to defend the nation's vital interests and development of the Macedonia Army in such a way that ensures their interoperability with the armed forces of NATO and the European Union member states and their capability to participate in the full range of Alliance missions.[3]

The Republic of Macedonia abolished the compulsory military service as of October 2006. The Macedonian Army is the first in the region to consist fully of professional soldiers.[1]


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