Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

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Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, also known as Mission San Luis Rey or San Luis Rey Mission Church, was founded on June 13, 1798 in coastal Las Californias, in the present day U.S. city of Oceanside in California. The local Quechnajuichom Native American tribe became known as the Luiseño 'Mission Indians', after the Mission's 'Luis'. The current church, built in 1811 is the third church on this location[12]. It is a National Historic Landmark, for its pristine example of a Spanish Mission Church complex.[13].


Spanish era

The original name, La Misión de San Luis, Rey de Francia (The Mission of Saint Louis, King of France) was named for King Louis IX of France.[14][2] It's 'nickname' was "King of the Missions"[15] It was founded by padre Fermín Lasuén on June 13, 1798, the eighteenth of the twenty-one Spanish missions in California built in the upper Las Californias Province of the Viceroyalty of Nueva España[16][17][2] At its prime the Mission San Luis Rey's structures and services compound covered almost 6 acres (24,000 m2), making it one of the largest of the missions, along with its agricultural land grant property beyond.[18]

In 1816, the Mission San Antonio de Pala Estancia Asistencia ("sub-mission") was established 20 mi (32 km) inland. In 1823 the Las Flores Asistencia

An early account of life at the Mission was written by one of its Native American converts, Luiseño Pablo Tac, in his work Indian Life and Customs at Mission San Luis Rey: A Record of California Mission Life by Pablo Tac, An Indian Neophyte (written circa 1835 in Rome, later edited and translated in 1958 by Minna Hewes and Gordon Hewes). In his book, Tac lamented the rapid population decline of the Luiseño, of his people: On June 13, 1798 the mission was found or built:

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