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The mnemonic dominic system is a mnemonic system similar to the mnemonic major system, but much shorter. It was invented by Dominic O'Brien, who uses it to perform feats such as memorizing the order of a deck of playing cards in under a minute.



The Dominic system is a system for memorizing long sequences of numbers by first converting them into pairs of letters, and then associating those letters with easier to remember people and actions. The sequence for the Dominic System is as follows.


The system is composed entirely of two digit numbers such as 11 (AA) or 69 (SN). The system is used by associating a person with each number by associating the initials with a name. The person is then associated with a characteristic action; for example 39 (CN) may be associated with Chuck Norris and 27 (BG) may be associated with Bill Gates.

Memorization in the system is done by associating the numbers with the persons and actions they represent. This can allow the easy memorization of four digit numbers, such as 2739 (BG,CN). Using the first two digits as a person and the second two as an action, then Bill Gates delivering a roundhouse kick could represent 2739, while Chuck Norris writing software could represent 3927.

Memories are constructed by converting numbers in a sequence into persons and actions within a story. The long number 27636339, for example, could be chunked into 2763 6339 and then converted into BGSC SCCN. If the memorizer has also associated Santa Claus delivering presents with SC, then the chunk 2763 would represent Bill Gates delivering presents while 6339 would represent Santa Claus performing a roundhouse kick. The remembered story, therefore, could be that Bill Gates delivered presents and then got roundhouse kicked by Santa Claus.

Other feats

Although the Dominic system is a method for remembering long sequences of numbers, it can also be used to remember other sequences such as the order of a deck of playing cards. This works by establishing some method of systematically converting the objects into numbers. If the nine of clubs is associated with 39 (CN), for instance, then Chuck Norris or a roundhouse kick could be used in a story describing where the nine of clubs is in the deck.

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