Mount Tahan

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Mount Tahan (Malay: Gunung Tahan), at 2,187 m, is the highest point in Peninsular Malaysia. It is located within the Taman Negara national forest, in the state of Pahang. The mountain is part of the Tahan Range and popular to local climbers.

In Malay language, "gunung" means "mountain" and "tahan" means "endure". Thus the name of the mountain suggests that a certain level of physical endurance is required to conquer the mountain. Gunung Tahan is considered by many to be one of the toughest treks in Peninsular Malaysia.


The Kuala Tahan classic trail is the oldest and most scenic trail. A return trip on this trail typically takes seven days. Climbers have to trek across undulating ridges and make several river crossings before finally reaching the foot of the mountain to make the final ascent.

Climbers without adequate physical fitness or training are not advised to attempt Gunung Tahan.

The other two trails are Merapoh (Sungai Relau) and via Kelantan. Both are significantly shorter than the classic trail from Kuala Tahan. A return trip on the Merapoh trail takes 3–4 days. A traverse from Kuala Tahan to Merapoh (or the other way around) takes around 5 days.

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