Mountain unicycling

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Mountain unicycling is an emerging adventure sport that consists of traversing rough terrain on a unicycle. Mountain unicycling can be done on the same terrain as a mountain bike. However, unicycles typically lack a gear system (even though there is a two-gear-hub available), preventing the user from coasting or reaching high speeds. Mountain unicycling usually takes place on specially designed unicycles, which are equipped with strong hubs, large, knobby tires, high-grip pedals and rugged frames. Some are also equipped with rim brakes, having the lever mounted under the tip of the saddle. The brake helps to compensate the downhill-slope force but is usually not used to decelerate or stop.

MUni riders also need a few additional skills than required for either mountain biking or regular unicycling, with core strength and balance being key.[1]



  • Muni events recognized by the International Unicycling Federation at Unicons are: cross-country, uphill and downhill with the possibility of North Shore downhill.
  • In the United States, the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend and the Moab, Utah MUni Fest(ended as of 2009).
  • In the UK, the British Muni Weekend (BMW).
  • The first Colorado MUnifest took place in October 2007, organized by Colorado Muni.
  • The first Arizona Mountain Unicycle Weekend was held in February 2009, organized by the Arizona Unicycle Club.

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