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Mystic Records is a record label and music production company that was based in Hollywood CA. 1 block south of Hollywood and Vine (6277 Selma) and later moved to Oceanside, California. The studio was originally the Delphi Studio where Bobby Fuller Four recorded "I Fought the Law" and Richie Valens "La Bomba" Mystic is not a member of the RIAA, and it specializes in hardcore punk, crossover thrash, underground, vintage, and cult records. It is owned and operated by Doug Moody. Some of the more well-known acts on Mystic Records are NOFX, Dr. Know, RKL, Battallion of Saints, Ill Repute, and The Mentors. Mystic also released Suicidal Tendencies, Government Issue, Black Flag, The Minutemen, The Instigators and Bad Religion on vinyl compilations.

Mystic is credited with developing several innovations in the independent record scene of the 1980s including the introduction of Super Sevens (vinyl discs the size of a 45 but which played at the same speed as an LP and having seven songs), releasing records in limited edition on colored vinyl and issuing records in series. Mystic series include "The Sound of Hollywood", "We Got Power" (40+ bands on one LP), "Copulation" (songs about the police) and "Mystic Sampler" (cuts from various records released in that year). Mystic also released many records launching or reinvigorating the punk scene in many parts of the nation. They are credited with having created the "scenes" in Simi Valley and Oxnard California (which they dubbed "Slimy Valley" and "Nardcore" respectively.)

Mystic was founded by Doug Moody who wanted it to be a platform for America's youth to voice their opinions musically. The label attracted hardcore punk, crossover thrash and speed metal. In its heyday (between 1982 and 1990), Mystic released over 200 different records with several hundred artists. Moody was assisted in his efforts by Phillip (Philco) Raves (who assisted in producing, recording and conceptualizing compilation projects) Bill Karras (sales and distribution) and Mark Wilkins aka Mystic Mark, (Record and Tour Promotion)

"Mystic Records" is also the name of a record shop in Kent in the UK with an online presence.

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