Myth (computer game series)

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Myth is a series of real-time tactics computer games. The games are:

Myth and Myth II were developed and self-published by Bungie Software between 1997 and 1999. As a result of Bungie's sale to Microsoft in 2000, the company lost the franchise rights to Take 2 Interactive.[1] Myth III: The Wolf Age was developed by MumboJumbo and released by Take Two in 2001; it received generally good reviews, though many cited a number of bugs in the initial release.[2][3]

The Myth games are categorized as real-time tactics, representing a departure from established real-time strategy titles such as Warcraft and Command & Conquer; resource retrieval and unit construction were entirely removed to focus on squad- and soldier-level tactics. Some have argued that this has given the game a far greater sense of realism than its contemporaries.[4] Reviewers have cited the series' (at the time) revolutionary use of 3D environments, its use of weather effects, and its realistic physics engines as reasons for this. To many, Myth set the standard for the type of strategy that the Total War series of games made popular.


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