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Naked News, billing itself as "the program with nothing to hide", is a subscription website featuring a real television newscast. The show is prepared in Toronto and runs daily, with six 25-minute episodes per week. The female anchors read the news fully nude or strip as they present their news segments. Naked News TV is its offshoot pay-per-view or subscription service. The male version ceased production on 31 October 2007.

Naked News also aired briefly as a late night television series on Citytv Toronto.



Naked News was conceived by Fernando Pereira and Kirby Stasyna and debuted in June 2000[1][2] as a web-based news service featuring an all-female cast. It began with only one anchor, Victoria Sinclair (who is still with the program), and has currently grown to eight female anchors, plus guest anchors. The website was popularized entirely by word of mouth, and quickly became a popular web destination. During the height of its popularity, the website was receiving over 6 million hits per month. Part of the large amounts of web traffic in the site's early days was because the entire newscast could be viewed for free and supported by advertising. By 2002, after the crash of Internet advertising, only one news segment could be viewed freely, and by 2004, no free content remained on the website. Beginning in 2005, a nudity-free version of Naked News was available to non-subscribers. Beginning in June 2008, two news segments could be viewed freely. However, this ended in December 2009. The UK channel Sumo TV briefly showed episodes of Naked News, while Playboy One, a free-to-view channel in the UK, currently broadcasts the show at 9:30pm Mondays-Fridays.

In 2001, Bulgarian director Stilian Ivanov began working in MSAT and produced the Naked news which were commented in the media around the world and received positive international reports. The show has been stopped by National Council for Radio and Television. Shortly after which this control authority was dissolved.[citation needed]

A male version of the show was created in 2001 to parallel the female version, but has ceased production as it did not enjoy the female version's popularity and fame. Although it was originally targeted towards female viewers (at one point said to be 30% of the website's audience), the male show later promoted itself as news from a gay perspective.

In January 2006, Naked News Japan was launched as a joint venture between Naked News owner eGalaxy and Sunrise Corp, a seller of goods and services over the Internet. Due to Japanese broadcasting laws, the presenters currently only strip to their underwear, although the producers have indicated they hope to go further in the future.[citation needed]

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