Napeague, New York

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Napeague is a census-designated place (CDP) that roughly corresponds to the hamlet (unincorporated community) with the same name in the town of East Hampton in Suffolk County, New York, United States. The CDP population was 223 at the 2000 census.[1]

Napeague is located on a very narrow, low lying strip between the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Gardiners Bay to the north that was flooded in the Great Hurricane of 1938. It lies between Napeague State Park on the west and Hither Hills State Park on the east.

Napeague derives its name from the Montaukett name for "land overflowed by the sea."[2]


Landmark structures

The hamlet's three major landmarks are the Mackay Radio Tower, the Art Barge, and the Smith Meal Fish Factory.

Mackay Radio Tower

The Mackay Radio Tower is the last of two towers (originally 300 feet (91 m) high 1,000 feet (300 m) apart) that was used to transmit international point to point radio communications starting in 1927. At the height of World War II the tower was used for responding to upwards of ten SOS calls a day from ships at sea.[3] The tower had somebody on site 24 hours a day but the actual transmissions were keyed from Southampton. The towers toppled during the Great 1938 Hurricane.

The Mackay towers were decommissioned in 1984[4] and its underlying land is part of Napeague State Park. One of the towers was torn down. The remaining tower is used for communication purposes by the New York State Police.[5] Its flashing white lights are visible throughout coastal areas of East Hampton.

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