Naseem Hamed

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Naseem Hamed (Arabic:نسيم حميد; also known as Prince Naseem; born 12 February 1974) is a British boxer and former Bantamweight and Featherweight champion.

Hamed was known for his boxing antics and spectacular ring entrances that have included being deposited in the middle of the ring by an elevator, which was set up specially for the event near the roof of the Manchester Evening News Arena, entering the ring in a low-rider Chevrolet Impala, entering on a flying carpet, re-enacting the video of Michael Jackson's Thriller, being carried into the ring on a palanquin, walking into the ring on a fashion runway style walk way and walking into the ring with a Halloween mask for his fight with Wayne McCullough (fought on Halloween night of 1998). He was also known for his front somersault over the top rope into the ring, which he did for all his professional fights.

Hamed is also known for his unorthodox behaviour outside the ring. He had an altercation at Heathrow Airport with former boxing world champion Chris Eubank, showing off his belts and reminding Eubank that he was no longer a champion. He was managed by Barry Hearn then Frank Warren and finally by his eldest brother Riath Hamed. In May 2006, he was jailed for 15 months for dangerous driving but was granted an early release in September 2006.[1] Hamed was awarded the MBE in 1999, but it was revoked in December 2006, after his jail sentence.[2]



Early career

Hamed was born in Sheffield, to Yemeni parents, in 1974. Hamed started boxing professionally at Flyweight in 1992. He soon began rising through the ranks as he knocked out a series of opponents in the opening rounds. Age 20 he won the European Bantamweight title, comprehensively beating the beleaguered Vincenzo Belcastro in twelve rounds. After one defense he added the WBC International Super-Bantamweight title to his CV in 1994, overwhelming Freddy Cruz in Sheffield, whom he knocked out in the sixth round. Hamed's popularity grew, his unorthodox style winning a large fan base and his boxing antics generating a large group of detractors. After signing for Frank Warren, Hamed, employing spectacular entrances in which he began somersaulting over the top rope and entering the arena to Here Comes the Hotstepper, knocked out increasingly good opposition such as Jose Badillo and Juan Polo Pérez. Later in 1995, arguably his finest year, Hamed moved up to featherweight having been named number one contender to face Wales' defending WBO world Featherweight champion Steve Robinson. Hamed won the fight, when the referee stopped the fight in Round 8 after Robinson was caught with a left hook and lost his footing. The fight was held in front of Robinsons home crowd at Cardiff Arms Park, a roofless stadium now replaced by The Millenium Stadium, with rain pouring down on the fighters and the ring[3] His first defence came against Austrian based Nigerian, Said Lawal, knocking him out in only 45 seconds. This was the fastest world title fight ever held in Scotland. Prince is currently living in North west London,Edgware

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