New Jersey Route 15

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Route 15 marker

New Jersey State Highway Routes

Route 15 is a state highway in Morris and Sussex County, New Jersey. The route heads for 19.16 miles (30.84 km) from East McFarland Street (U.S. Route 46) in Dover to an intersection with U.S. Route 206 in Frankford Township. The route becomes a divided highway in Jefferson Township until becoming a freeway bypass near Sparta. Route 15 was originally State Highway Route 6A from 1927 until 1953, when a renumbering occurred. The route was eventually bypassed around the community of Sparta which became New Jersey Route 181.

Since the finishing of the Sparta Bypass, the New Jersey Department of Transportation and North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority have considered more bypasses and alignment changes for 15. The speed limit along Route 15 is as high as 55 miles per hour (89 km/h).[2]


Route description

Route 15 begins at an interchange with U.S. Route 46, slightly to the east of the underpass Route 15 used to use to pass under U.S. Route 46 and access Dover. Route 15 then winds through Dover concurrent with several streets. The road remains two lanes past the turn for the Rockaway Townsquare Mall, in the township of Rockaway. For a very short distance Route 15 becomes a freeway as it crosses the Interstate 80 interchange. A mile north, the road becomes a four lane divided highway with exits for a few businesses and Picatinny Arsenal. At that point, Route 15 leaves Rockaway Township and enters Jefferson Township. The lanes become farther apart as it climbs up a steep mountain.[1]

Slightly farther north, Route 15 becomes a freeway and the northbound and southbound lanes come closer together. At this point, the original two-lane Route 15 breaks off into Route 181, heading through Jefferson Township and into downtown Sparta. Several miles north, the freeway leaves Morris County in Jefferson Township and enters Sussex County and Sparta Township, bypassing downtown Sparta.[1] After bypassing downtown Sparta, Route 181 ends and merges onto Route 15. The freeway then ends and Route 15 becomes a two-lane road. After Route 15 leaves Sparta and enters Lafayette Township, it merges with Route 94. Routes 15 and 94 run as a concurrency until Route 94 turns off to the southeast while Route 15 heads northwest. It continues into Frankford Township and comes to an end at U.S. Route 206 and County Route 565.[1]

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