New Jersey Route 44

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Route 44 marker

New Jersey State Highway Routes

Route 44 is a state highway located in Gloucester County in the U.S. state of New Jersey. It runs 10.28 mi (16.54 km) from Barker Avenue in Bridgeport to a cul-de-sac at a ramp from southbound Interstate 295 (I-295) and U.S. Route 130 (US 130) in Thorofare. The route, which is mostly a two-lane undivided road, passes through the communities of Gibbsboro and Paulsboro in the northern part of the county, a short distance south of the Delaware River. Route 44 generally runs a short distance to the north of I-295/US 130 for much of its length.

In 1923, Route 17S was legislated along the current route followed by Route 44 today, running between Penns Grove and Westville. The only portion of Route 17S ever built ran from Penns Grove to Salem. Route 44 was designated in 1927 to replace Route 17S between Penns Grove and Westville. By the 1940s, Route 44 was extended south to Salem and US 130 was designated concurrent with the route north of Penns Grove. Several spurs of Route 44 had existed or were planned prior to 1953, including Route S44, which ran concurrent with US 322 to the ferry between Bridgeport and Chester, Pennsylvania; Route S44A, a never built bypass of Camden; and Route 44T, which was to run from a tunnel under the Delaware River in Paulsboro east to Route 42. In 1953, Route 44 was replaced by US 130 north of Deepwater and by Route 49 south of there. After two bypasses were built for US 130 around Carneys Point and between Bridgeport and Westville, Route 44 was redesignated along the former US 130. After I-295 was completed in the 1960s, US 130 returned to its original alignment in Carneys Point and replaced that portion of Route 44.


Route description

Route 44 begins at an intersection with Barker Avenue in Logan Township, heading to the east on Crown Point Road, a two-lane undivided road.[1] Shortly after beginning, the route heads through wooded areas a short distance to the north of a Conrail Shared Assets Operations railroad line and intersects County Route (CR) 671. The road turns northeast and comes to an interchange with US 130 and continues closely parallel to the railroad line as it passes through more rural areas with some homes, coming to a junction with CR 684. Route 44 enters Greenwich Township upon crossing the marshy Repaupo Creek and becomes a local road called West Broad Street. The route passes over the railroad tracks and continues east into residential and commercial areas of Gibbstown, intersecting CR 607/CR 673 and CR 680 within the town.[1][2]

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