Newcastle Brown Ale

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Newcastle Brown Ale is a beer produced by Heineken International. It was introduced in 1927 by Newcastle Breweries. In 2005, brewing was moved out of Newcastle upon Tyne for the first time, to Dunston on the other side of the River Tyne, and in 2010 moved entirely to Tadcaster, North Yorkshire.



Tyne Brewery, Newcastle

Newcastle Brown Ale was originally created by Colonel J. Porter in 1925. The recipe, however, was adapted over a period of three years to create the flavour that is distinct to the beer today. When first exhibited, Newcastle Brown Ale swept the board at the prestigious 1928 International Brewery Awards. The gold medals from these awards are still featured on the label.

Newcastle Brown Ale went into production at Tyne Brewery in 1927, with Newcastle Breweries having occupied the site since 1890, with brewing on the site dating back to 1868.[1] The production launch of Newcastle Brown was said to have been an overnight success, with claims that the day after it went on sale, the Police requested the strength be reduced, because the cells were already full.[1]

The blue star logo was introduced to the Newcastle Brown Ale bottle in 1928, the year after the beer was launched. The five points of the star represent the five founding breweries of Newcastle. One of these, John Barras, is now commemorated in the pub chain of the same name.

Newcastle Brown Ale became a brand of Scottish & Newcastle after the merger of Scottish Brewers with Newcastle Breweries in 1960.

Move to Federation Brewery, Gateshead

Scottish and Newcastle announced closure of the Tyne Brewery on 22 April 2004, in order to consolidate the brewing of beer and ale in the Federation Brewery site in Dunston, Gateshead, which was to pass to S&N with their £7.2m purchase of the Federation Brewery.[2] This purchase and consolidation at Dunston created the new brewing company, Newcastle Federation Breweries.[1]

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