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Newhart was a television situation comedy starring comedian Bob Newhart and actress Mary Frann as an author and wife who owned and operated an inn located in a small, rural Vermont town that was home to many eccentric characters. The show aired on the CBS network from October 25, 1982 to May 21, 1990. TV Guide, TV Land, and other media organizations named its series finale as one of the most memorable in television history.[citation needed]

Newhart was nominated for one Casting Society of America award and nominated 25 times for Emmy Awards for acting, writing, and editing. The show also received six Golden Globes nominations, four nominations for TV Land Awards and five wins of Viewers for Quality Television Awards.



Bob Newhart plays Dick Loudon, an author of do-it-yourself books. He and his wife Joanna move from New York City to a small, unnamed town in rural Vermont to operate the Stratford Inn.[1] Dick is a sane, mild-mannered everyman surrounded by a community of oddballs in a town which exists in an illogical world run by rules that elude him.

At the beginning of the second season, Newhart was re-tooled and Dick began hosting a low-rated talk show on the town's local television station. As the series progressed, episodes focused increasingly on Dick's TV career and the quirky townsfolk, to the point where it seems the Loudons hardly ever have any guests at their inn. As the years went by, some characters were dropped and others were added.


  • Bob Newhart as Dick Loudon.
  • Mary Frann as Joanna Loudon.
  • Tom Poston as George Utley, the Stratford's somewhat dim handyman.
  • Jennifer Holmes as Leslie Vanderkellen. A fabulously rich, world-class skier, with a foundation that underwrites Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Leslie takes the job of hotel maid to find out what it is like to be normal. In the second season, she is replaced by her cousin, Stephanie.
  • Julia Duffy as Stephanie Vanderkellen. Stephanie is a spoiled rich girl cut off by her parents. She cheerfully, but often incompetently, works in Leslie's old job.
  • Steven Kampmann as Kirk Devane, a chronic liar who owns the Minuteman Café across from the inn, and holds an unrequited infatuation for Leslie. Kirk eventually marries a woman named Cindy and leaves town after two seasons.
  • William Sanderson, Tony Papenfuss, and John Voldstad as brothers Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. The three, whose last name is never mentioned, are backwoodsmen who live in a shack. They are seen infrequently in the first season, a bit more in the second, but at the start of season three, they become regulars and take over the Minuteman Café from Kirk Devane. The two Darryls never speak (until the final episode). Larry introduces the group the same way every time they make an appearance: "Hi, I'm Larry; this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl." Larry often makes strange claims, though some of the most outrageous things he says turn out to be true, including a statement that Johnny Carson pays their gas bills. The trio also appeared in various episodes of the television series Coach. Barry Kemp created both shows. They also appeared at the very end of The Bob Newhart Show reunion done a few years later.
  • Peter Scolari as Michael Harris. The hyperactive, manipulative producer of Dick's TV show who eventually marries Stephanie and has a daughter. Exceptionally shallow and superficial, Michael and Stephanie represent the quintessence of the 1980s "yuppie" couple. The dry erase board in Michael's apartment always lists "Take Over CBS" (the network which originally aired the series) among his ever-changing daily tasks. He often speaks in an annoyingly alliterative manner.

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