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{area, part, region} (sometimes abbreviated nanae or n.a.n-a.e, and often incorrectly spelled with a hyphen in "email") is a Usenet newsgroup devoted to discussion of the abuse of email systems. According to a timeline compiled by Keith Lynch,[1] was the first widely available electronic forum for discussing spam.

Steve Linford, the founder of The Spamhaus Project, sometimes posts in the newsgroup.


Topics covered

In its original charter the following examples of "on-topic" areas were listed:

Eventually, by mutual consent, it was also determined that the following were also "on-topic":

  • Cats (on a superficial/anecdotal level)


The group was officially proposed (i.e its RFD posted) by Tim Skirvin (tskirvin) on July 9, 1996 alongside a number of other groups in order to reduce the load on the two net abuse groups at that time, and[2]

Later that month it went to vote and passed 451 to 28.[3]

In September 2002 it was proposed that a subgroup,, be created.


Over time, some (more or less) NANAE-specific terms were coined:[4][5]

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