Novi Township, Michigan

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Novi Township is a civil township of Oakland County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population is 193 as of the 2000 census. Of the original 36-square-mile (93 km2) geographic township of Novi, only a small portion of approximately 60 acres (240,000 m²) remains unincorporated. It consists of the Brookland Farms #1 subdivision. The township has a Northville, Michigan ZIP code but is surrounded by the City of Novi. The township lies within the boundaries of Northville Public Schools.



Novi Township was organized in 1832 from Farmington Township. The name was offered by resident Dr. J.C. Emery, at the suggestion of his wife. Residents were reportedly looking for a shorter name than Farmington. Several popular but historically inaccurate explanations have been suggested for the origin of the name Novi. One version is that it was named after the 6th tollgate on the Grand River toll road (No. VI). However, the township was named in 1832 and the toll road wasn't constructed until the 1850s. A similar claim is made about the township being stop number 6 on the railroad. However, the railroad was not constructed through the township until 1870 - 1871, almost 40 years after it was named.[3]

Annexation and incorporation

Only a small portion of the original Township of Novi remains unincorporated. The majority of the original township incorporated first as the Village of Novi in 1958 and later into the City of Novi in 1969. The northwest portion of the township was incorporated as part of the Village of Wixom, which later incorporated as the City of Wixom. Portions of the township were also annexed into the Village of Northville in the early 1900s (along Baseline Road) and the City of Northville in the 1950s. In the 1970s, several areas of the township which had been detached from the Village of Novi were annexed into the City of Novi following a long legal battle between the city and township. These areas include the Hometown Novi Mobile Home Park and land that now includes portions of the Chase Farm subdivision, the Maples of Novi, and the Island Lake of Novi. Some of the legal disputes over the annexations were not resolved until 1984.


The remaining area of the township is a legally separate entity from the surrounding City of Novi and has all the powers granted under Michigan state law to general law townships. The township has no township hall and township board meetings and township elections are held at the homes of the township board members. Most of the township services are provided through contracts with the City of Novi including fire protection and library services. The historic township hall was once located on the west side of Novi Road, south of Grand River Avenue. Moved to the civic center campus in the late 1980s, the building was restored by volunteers. The historic township hall is currently located on Ten Mile Road in the City of Novi, just west of the Novi Public Library and adjacent the to the historic Fuerst Farmstead. The historic township hall is owned by the City of Novi. The current Township Supervisor is John Juntunen.

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