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Object Management Group (OMG) is a consortium, originally aimed at setting standards for distributed object-oriented systems, and is now focused on modeling (programs, systems and business processes) and model-based standards.



OMG provides only specifications, and does not provide implementations. But before a specification can be accepted as a standard by OMG, the members of the winning submitter team must guarantee that they will bring a conforming product to market within a year. This is an attempt to prevent unimplemented (and unimplementable) standards.

Other private companies or open source groups are encouraged to produce conforming products and OMG is attempting to develop mechanisms to enforce true interoperability.


Founded in 1989 by eleven companies (including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, American Airlines and Data General), OMG's initial focus was to create a heterogeneous distributed object standard. The founding executive team included Christopher Stone, Richard Soley, Bill Hoffman and John Slitz. The current leadership includes Chairman and CEO Richard Soley, President and COO Bill Hoffman and Vice President and Technical Director Andrew Watson.

The goal was a common portable and interoperable object model with methods and data that work using all types of development environments on all types of platforms.

Today, over 800 companies from both the computer industry and software-using companies from other industries are members of OMG. Since 2000 the OMG's International Headquarters are located in Needham, Massachusetts.

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