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Oliver Lieb (born December 31, 1969 in Frankfurt, Germany) is a German electronic music producer and DJ. Lieb is known to have more than a dozen aliases with over 200 productions and remixes in various electronic genres such as, trance, house, and techno.[1] He's also produced tracks for other artists. One such production is "Electric Blue", a track by San Francisco's Mars & Mystre.[2]




Oliver began his musical career at age 14 as a bass player with great ambitions, playing in funk and soul bands. However, he often left the bands he played in before they found any real success. Eventually he started exploring electronic music.

His first own records, under the alias “Force Legato”, were released by ZYX Music. In 1992, Oliver Lieb met Matthias Schindehutte, A&R man for the newly formed Harthouse label, who contracted him for the Spicelab project. Spicelab went on to become one of the most important Harthouse projects and the figurehead of the Frankfurt techno scene. At the same time, Oliver started work on harder tracks, released using the alias Psilocybin. 1993 saw his first releases under the alias L.S.G., which he discontinued in 2007. In 1994, he first cooperated with Harald Großkopf (whom he later also performed with live), releasing tracks using the alias The Ambush.


Superstition Records have described Oliver Lieb's studio as one of the most exciting equipment collections of the entire techno scene. It contains dozens of synthesisers, many of them rare or unusual. He prefers analogue equipment, valuing especially oscillators capable of producing extraordinarily deep bass frequencies. His music typically consists of atypical sound tapestries and melodies interwoven with very straight, familiar techno rhythms.

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