Omega Chess

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Omega Chess is a commercial chess variant designed by Daniel MacDonald in Toronto. The game is played on a 10x10 board with an extra square in each of the extreme corners where the wizards are placed at the start of the game.[1] The game is laid out like regular chess with the addition of a "champion" in each corner and a "wizard" diagonally behind each champion (see diagram on the right).

Part of the reason for adding the new pieces was to equalize the number of jumping pieces with sliding pieces. The wizard was created specially to be a color-bound piece, a parallel to the bishop. Because of the symmetry and four additional corners, Omega Chess creates new tactical possibilities, including the possibility of checkmate with two knights.

Omega Chess has garnered a number of endorsements by grandmasters including Michael Rohde[2] and Alex Sherzer.


What is different from Chess

The new pieces

  • Chess zld44.pngChess zdl44.png Champion: jumps 2 squares in any direction or slides 1 square orthogonally. White's King Champion can start the game by Ch2 or Cj2. In the position shown at the left, the black Champion's movement is indicated by an X, and it can't capture the white Knight.
  • Chess wld44.pngChess wdl44.png Wizard: a colorbound piece, jumps {1,3} or {3,1} squares in any direction, or slides 1 square diagonally. White's King Wizard can start the game by Wj2. In the position shown at the left, the black Wizard's movement is indicated by a black dot, and it can capture the white Knight.

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