One Minute Silence

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One Minute Silence is a four-piece band based in London that combined influences from metal, hardcore punk and rap[citation needed]. The band consisted of vocalist Brian 'Yap' Barry from Templemore, Co. Tipperary, guitarist Massimo Fiocco from Limerick City, drummer Eddie Stratton and bass guitarist Glen Diani. The band announced its split after eight years in a press release dated October 21, 2003. Although it claimed not to be a "political band" — they are simply "political people" who are also musicians, they say — the group's lyrics have a political message which can be interpreted as generally anti-capitalist and anarchist.




One Minute Silence came together in the early 1990s when Irish vocalist Brian Barry got together with guitarist Chris Ignatiou under the name "Near Death Experience". After working with various rhythm sections, they settled with Gibraltarian Glen Diani on bass guitar and Englishman Eddie Stratton on drums. Barry had befriended Stratton before the formation of the band. The band was soon forced to change its name because of an American group who shared it, and so it became One Minute Silence. That name, originally intended to be the title of a song, was chosen to parody the practice of having a one minute silence as a mark of respect when someone considered "important or well respected" dies. The band felt that that respect was often "misplaced".

Musical career

The band signed a record deal with Big Cat Records in 1997, and released Available In All Colours the following year. Buy Now... Saved Later followed in 2000 after an amicable split with Ignatiou, who was ultimately replaced by Italian Massimo Fiocco, known as Massy, after original replacement Kee Payne left the band in 1999. This second album represented a noticeable step in the band's musical progression: the record's production quality and style differed from that of the first, which had used a hip-hop producer. Buy Now... sounded more like a metal album. With its well-rounded production and matured song-writing, Buy Now... sent the band on a tour of the US, with notable acts such as Slipknot and Mudvayne, the latter touring with them in the UK as supporting act.

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