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OPET, established in 1992, is a Turkish fuel oil distribution company having the biggest network of gas stations in Turkey. It is co-owned by the Koç Group.

Its strategically strong high tonnage terminals enables OPET a 16.58 % market share. It is the third biggest petroleum company and the biggest fuel supplier in the energy sector in Turkey. With over 1,200,000 m³ of terminal (storage) capacity, OPET is Turkey's second biggest among the fuel-oil companies.


OPET Petroleum’s roots go back to a fuel oil distribution company, "Öztürkler Petrol" founded by Fikret Öztürk. The successful company was transferred to OPET in 1992, and rapid development in the following years helped achieving its leading position today.[citation needed]

OPET is also engaged in the areas of retail sales, commercial and industrial oils and mineral oils. In 2001, it became a licensee of 7-Eleven retailing to form store chains in its gas stations and in city centers.

Koç Holding acquired 50% of the shares of OPET in 2002. The company has two brand names, OPET and Sunpet with more than 1,200 stations throughout Turkey. With its three terminals in Körfez (İzmit), Aliağa (İzmir) and Mersin, OPET ranks second in storage capacity in Turkey. By the completion of its Marmara Ereğli terminal, it has the highest terminal capacity. The company is the country's fourth largest fuel oil distributor and the number one oil exporter of the energy sector.[citation needed] OPET is exporting mineral oil, produced since 1994 in İzmir, to countries mainly in the Middle East and the Balkans.

OPET was the first to market 98 octane gasoline in the Turkish market. The launch was promoted with commercials starring the famous popstar Tarkan. OPET later used Cem Yilmaz, a leading Turkish comedian and actor, to create a character called "Mike" and a Murat 124 car called "G.I.T.T." (similar to the Knight Rider series' Michael Knight and K.I.T.T.). The character gained further popularity with the promotion of talking car toys based on G.I.T.T.

OPET has placed emphasis on corporate social responsibility campaigns.[citation needed]

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