Orgy of the Dead

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Orgy of the Dead is an unrated 1965 film directed by Stephen C. Apostolof under the alias A. C. Stephens and written by Ed Wood. It is a combination of horror and erotica, and is something of a transition for Wood, who began as a horror writer and later began writing pornography. Wood also wrote the novel of the same name.

Plot summary

The film's graveyard prologue is a recreation of the opening scene from Ed Wood's then-unreleased 1958 film Night of the Ghouls. Criswell reprises his role from the earlier film. The action begins when a young couple, Bob (William Bates) and Shirley (sexploitation actress Pat Barrington, billed as Pat Barringer) survive a car crash only to find themselves tied to posts in a misty cemetery where they are forced to watch dead spirits dance for the Emperor of the Night played by Criswell (best known for Plan 9 From Outer Space). Ten striptease performances by topless dancers from beyond the grave outfitted in various motifs comprise most of this movie. The Wolf Man (wearing a very obvious mask) and The Mummy are also tossed in for comic relief. Barrington doubles as the blond Gold Girl (inspired by Shirley Eaton in Goldfinger) while her red-headed "Shirley" character watches her perform. Criswell's undead consort, the sexy Black Ghoul, was written for Maila Nurmi, a.k.a. Vampira, but was instead played by Fawn Silver, who wore a black bouffant wig.

Wood served as writer, production manager, casting agent, and even held up cue cards on this low-budget film, although he did not direct. An article on the making of this film was published in Femme Fatales, 7:1 (June 1998).

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