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Original video animation (オリジナル・ビデオ・アニメーション Orijinaru bideo animēshon?), abbreviated as OVA (オーブイエー / オーヴィーエー / オヴァ ōbuiē, ōvīē or ova?) media (and sometimes as OAV by English-speakers), are animated films and series made specially for release in home-video formats. The term originated in relation to Japanese animation (anime).[citation needed] Most producers of OVAs release them direct-to-video, without prior showings on TV or in theatres; however, there may be very rare occasions where, for example, the first part of an OVA series is broadcast for promotional purposes. OVA titles were originally made available on VHS, later becoming more popular on LaserDisc and eventually DVD.[1] Starting in summer 2008 the term OAD (original animation DVD) began to refer to DVD releases published bundled with their source material manga.



Like anime made for television broadcast, OVAs sub-divide into episodes. OVA media (tapes, laserdiscs, or DVDs) usually contain just one episode each. Episode length varies from title to title: each episode may run from a few minutes to two hours or more. An episode length of 30 minutes is quite common, but this is by no means the rule. In some cases, the length of episodes in a specific OVA may vary greatly (in GaoGaiGar FINAL, the first 7 episodes last around 30 minutes, while the last episode lasted 50 minutes; the OVA Key the Metal Idol consists of 15 separate episodes, ranging in length from 20 minutes to nearly two hours each; as of 2009 the OVA Hellsing had released 7 episodes, ranging from 42 minutes to 56 minutes (it has yet to finish releasing the remaining episodes.) An OVA series can run anywhere from an episode (essentially a direct-to-video movie) to dozens in length. Probably the longest OVA series ever made was Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which spanned 110 main episodes and 52 gaiden episodes.

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