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Paavo Tapio Lipponen (About this sound pronunciation ) (born April 23, 1941) is a Finnish politician and former reporter. He was Prime Minister of Finland from 1995 to 2003[1], and Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Finland from 1993 to 2005. He also served as Speaker of the Parliament of Finland 2003–2007[2].



Lipponen was born in Turtola (subsequently renamed Pello), son of Orvo Lipponen and his wife Hilkka Iissalo. Paavo's maternal grandparents were Jaakko Antero Ingman/Iissalo (a distant relative of Count Adolf Fredrik Munck af Fulkila and Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim) and his wife Siiri Törnroos.[3] Paavo Lipponen spent his childhood and youth in Kuopio.

Receiving his gymnasium diploma from the Lyceum of Kuopio in 1959, he then studied philosophy and literature at Dartmouth College for one year.

Soon after returning to Finland he moved to Helsinki where he eventually attained a master's degree in international relations from the University of Helsinki in 1971. He was the editor of the influential student newspaper Ylioppilaslehti 1963–1965 and a freelance reporter for the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) 1965–1967.

Lipponen made various controversial statements that angered groups such as Estonian refugees.[4]

According to Alpo Rusi's book Vasemmalta ohi, Lipponen began cooperation with the East German secret police Stasi in 1969.[5] The book suggests that Lipponen is the code name Mungo XV/326/71 in the Rosenholz files.[6] In a 2008 interview Lipponen said that he had been a "target of East German manipulation".[7] It is rumored that Lipponen is on the so-called Tiitinen list.[8] Alpo Rusi has also suggested that Lipponen had an alias, code, and operation in the KGB.[9]

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