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Parnall was a British aircraft manufacturer, that evolved from a wood-working company before the First World War to a significant designer of military and civil aircraft into the 1940s. It was based in the west of England.



Parnall and Sons of Mivart Street, Eastville, Bristol was a wood-working firm in the period before the First World War. The demands of wartime aircraft production meant that many woodworking companies were contracted to build aircraft. Parnall received large orders from the Admiralty to build aircraft designed by other manufacturers, principally the Avro 504 and Short Admiralty Type 827 (of which 20 were built).

The company split in two in 1921, when George Geach Parnall left the company and formed George Parnall & Co. Ltd., the original company Parnall & Sons moving to Fishponds, Bristol, in 1923 to continue production of shop-fittings and aircraft components. In 1936 Parnall joined with Hendy Aircraft and Nash and Thompson to form Parnall Aircraft Ltd. In 1939 they stopped aircraft production to concentrate on aircraft components, particularly gun turrets.

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