Party Girl (1995 film)

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Party Girl is a 1995 film directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer. It is notable as being the first commercial comedy-drama feature film shown in its entirety on the Internet.

Scripted by Mayer with Harry Birckmayer and Sheila Gaffney, the storyline follows the misadventures of free-spirited Mary (Parker Posey) on her self-destructive path of drugs and parties. Arrested for illegally charging attendees at an underground rave, she calls upon her godmother, Judy Lindendorf (Sasha von Scherler), to bail her out. So Mary can repay the loan, Judy employs her as a clerk at the library where she works. Mary reluctantly begins her new job while striking up a romance with Lebanese street vendor Mustafa (Omar Townsend). The other men in her life are her gay friend Derrick (Anthony DeSando) and Leo (Guillermo Díaz), a DJ in clubs. Things begin to fall apart when she loses her library job and is evicted from her apartment. In the end, Mary decides to study to become a librarian herself but without compromising her own sense of style and happiness. Others in the cast are Donna Mitchell, as the club owner and Liev Schreiber. Liev Schreiber's character proposes to Mary so that he can keep his visa, allowing him to remain in the country. Lady Bunny makes a cameo during the opening credits, outside of Mary's house party.


Internet debut

The Internet premiere happened on June 3, 1995, transmitted from Glenn Fleishman's Point of Presence Company (POPCO). Appearing live in the POPCO offices, Parker Posey welcomed Internet viewers and then introduced the film. Fleishman recalled the event:

The event was recalled by Quinn:

Television series

A television show based on the film (with the same name) was produced in 1996. It starred Christine Taylor as Mary and Swoosie Kurtz as Judy. Although six episodes were filmed, only three were aired and the show was quickly cancelled.


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