Pashtun people

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Urdu and Dari spoken as second languages

Islam (Sunni Hanafi)
with a very tiny Twelver Shia community

Baloch people · Hindkowans

Pashtuns (Pashto: پښتون Paṣ̌tun, Pax̌tun, also rendered as Pushtuns, Pakhtuns, Pukhtuns), also called Pathans (in Urdu: پٹھان and Hindi: पठान Paṭhān)[11] or (ethnic) Afghans (in Persian: افغان; see also origin and history of the term),[12][13][14] are an Eastern Iranian ethno-linguistic group with populations primarily in Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan, which includes Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Balochistan. The Pashtuns are typically characterized by their usage of the Pashto language and practice of Pashtunwali, a traditional set of ethics guiding individual and communal conduct.[15] Their origin is unclear but historians have come across references to a people called Paktha (Pactyans) between the 2nd and the 1st millennium BC,[16][17][18] which is sometimes speculated to be the ancestors of today's Pashtuns. (However, this speculation is primarily based on the apparent similarity of their names,[16] which is etymologically unjustified as the word "Pashto" derives by regular phonological processes from Parsawā- "Persian".[19]) Since the 3rd century AD and onward, they are mostly referred to by the name "Afghan" ("Abgan", "Avgan" or "Awgan").[20][21]

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