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Peenemünde in OVP.PNG

Peenemünde (German pronunciation: [peːnəˈmʏndə], English: mouth of the Peene [River]) is a village with a seaport on the edge of a long sand-spit in the northwestern part of Usedom (an island) on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany. Air service for the village is available at the nearby airport.


In World War II, the village's docks were used for the ships which recovered V-2 wreckage from launches over the Baltic Sea, and the entire island was captured on May 5, 1945. The gas plant for the production of liquid oxygen still lies in ruins at the entrance to Peenemünde.

The post-war port was a Soviet naval base until turned over to the armed forces of East Germany in 1952. The seaport facilities were used at first by the East German Seepolizei (sea police) after new facilities for police motorboats had been built. On December 1, 1956, the headquarters of the First Fleet of the East German Volksmarine (navy) was established at Peenemünde.

The Peenemünde Historical and Technical Information Center, a World War II museum on the European Route of Industrial Heritage, opened in 1992 in the shelter control room[clarification needed] and the area of the WWII power station (now part of the village) -- exhibits include a V-1 (flying bomb) and a V-2.


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