People's Party for Freedom and Democracy

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The last Liberal Manifesto of the VVD was published in September 2005.[citation needed] It develops a broad outline around the themes of democracy, security, freedom and citizenship, along with a vision of the future of party's internal structure. Below some of the points from the Manifesto are presented:



  • A common policy on defense and security in the European Union is called for.


  • The principle of non-discrimination should be given more importance than the exercise of religion.
  • 'Social rights' are to be continued. These are not simple 'rights', but they also create 'obligations'.
  • Euthanasia is part of a person's 'right' to self-determination.
  • Commitment to an open economy, with a 'regulated free-market', including Patents.
  • Support for the freedom of contract. No right for workers to enter into nationally-binding collective bargaining agreements.


  • Minimize the option of dual citizenship.
  • Social security should only be fully open for Dutch nationals. Migrants will have to integrate in order to become citizens.

Election program

The most recent parliamentary elections in the Netherlands were the 2006 elections. The VVD had setup a program commission chaired by BT executive Ben Verwaayen. The concept program was released on August 28, 2006. The members of the VVD had a final vote on the program on September 30, 2006. Some points from the program are:


This table shows the VVD's results in elections to the Second Chamber, First Chamber, Provincial Estates and European Parliament, as well as the party's political leadership: the fractievoorzitter, is the chair of the parliamentary party and the lijsttrekker is the party's top candidate in the general election, these posts are normally taken by the party's leader. It also possible that the party leader is member of cabinet, if the VVD was part of the governing coalition, the "highest ranking" minister is listed. The membership of the VVD and the party chair are also included.

Members of the Dutch government from the VVD

The following Ministers are from VVD-house:

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