Peter O'Toole

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Peter Seamus Lorcan O'Toole[1] (born 2 August 1932) is an Irish[2] actor of stage and screen who achieved stardom in 1962 playing T. E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia. He went on to become a highly-honoured film and stage actor. He has been nominated for eight Academy Awards, and holds the record for most competitive Academy Award acting nominations without a win. He has won four Golden Globes, a BAFTA, an Emmy and was the recipient of an Honorary Academy Award in 2003 for his body of work.


Early life

Peter Seamus Lorcan O'Toole was born in 1932, with some sources giving his birthplace as Connemara, County Galway, Ireland, and others as Leeds, in West Riding of Yorkshire, England, where he grew up. O'Toole himself is not certain of his birthplace or date, noting in his autobiography that, while he accepts 2 August as his birthdate, he has a birth certificate from each country, with the Irish one giving a June 1932 birthdate.[1] O'Toole is the son of Constance Jane (née Ferguson), a Scottish[3] nurse, and Patrick Joseph O'Toole, an Irish metal plater, football player and racecourse bookmaker.[4][5] When O'Toole was one year old, his family began a five-year tour of major racecourse towns in Northern England. He was raised Roman Catholic.[6][7] O'Toole was evacuated from Leeds early in World War II and went to a Catholic school for seven or eight years, where he was "implored" to become right-handed. “I used to be scared stiff of the nuns: their whole denial of womanhood - the black dresses and the shaving of the hair - was so horrible, so terrifying,” he later commented. “Of course, that's all been stopped. They're sipping gin and tonic in the Dublin pubs now, and a couple of them flashed their pretty ankles at me just the other day.”[8]

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