Peter Stormare

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About this sound Peter Stormare (born Rolf Peter Ingvar Storm; 27 August 1953) is a Swedish film, stage, voice and television actor as well as a theatrical director, playwright and musician.


Early life

Stormare was born in Kumla, Närke, Sweden, the son of Teodolinda (née Laparelli) and Renato Storm.[1] He grew up in Arbrå, Hälsingland, originally named Rolf Peter Ingvar Storm. He changed his surname when he discovered he shared it with a senior student at the acting academy.[citation needed] His original choice of name, Retep Mrots (his own name spelled backwards), was rejected.[citation needed] Just like "storm" (a word which has the same meaning in Swedish and English), "stormare" is a Swedish word, meaning "stormer".[citation needed]


Stormare began his career with the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre, to which he belonged for eleven years. In 1990, he took a leading position (Associate Artistic Director) at the Tokyo Globe Theatre and made a name for himself through various Shakespeare performances including Hamlet. Three years later, he moved to New York City and mainly took part there in English language productions. In Sweden, he has worked with Ingmar Bergman, by whom he was apparently discovered. He has also played Carl Hamilton, a fictional Swedish secret agent similar to James Bond. He was discovered by international audiences for his critically acclaimed role as one of the kidnappers (with Steve Buscemi) in Fargo (1996). He later played a sleazy, unlicensed "eye-doctor" named Solomon Eddie in Minority Report. He portrayed Dieter Stark in the 1997 film The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

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