Philip II, Duke of Savoy

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Philip II (4 February 1438 – 7 November 1497), surnamed the Landless was the Duke of Savoy for the brief reign from 1496 to 1497.



He was the granduncle of the previous duke Charles II, and the youngest surviving son of Duke Louis of Savoy and Anne of Cyprus. However, he was not the heir general of the previous duke, there being several females before him in the line of succession. To ensure male inheritance to the Savoy line, his eldest son Philibert was married to his cousin, the only sister of the deceased young Duke. However, the plan did not succeed: the girl died at age twelve. (Philip had already died in the meantime.) The children of the daughters of Philip's eldest brother Duke Amedeo IX of Savoy were next in line, and were entitled to the inheritance of the line of heirs-general, including Cyprus and Jerusalem. Despite the fact that Cyprus and Jerusalem did not bar succession in female line, Philip however took those claims and used those titles as well. His male successors in Savoy also continued to do so, thus giving their ducal title a higher, royal titulary.

He spent most of his life as a junior member of the ducal family. His original apanage was the district of Bresse, close to the French and Burgundian border, but it was lost and therefore Philip received his sobriquet "the Landless", or "Lackland".


First marriage

He married Margaret of Bourbon (5 February 1438-1483) and had three children from this marriage:

Second marriage

He married Claudine de Brosse of Brittany (1450-1513) and had six children from this marriage:

Illegitimate issue

He also had eight illegitimate children by two mistresses.

With Libera Portoneri:

With Bona di Romagnano:


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