Philip V of Spain

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Philip V (Spanish: Felipe V; French: Philippe de France[1]; 19 December 1683 - 9 July 1746), petit-fils de France and Duke of Anjou, was King of Spain from 1700 to 14 January 1724, when he abdicated in favor of his son, Louis I of Spain, and from 31 August 1724 to 1746, assuming the throne again upon his son's death. Philip was the first Bourbon king of Spain. His entire reign of 45 years and 21 days is the longest in modern Spanish history.



Philip was born at the Palace of Versailles[2] in France the second son of Louis, le Grand Dauphin and Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria,[3] Dauphine Victoire. He was a younger brother of Louis, duc de Bourgogne and an uncle of Louis XV of France. At his birth he was named Duke of Anjou, which he would be known as until he became the king of Spain. He was baptised in 1687.

His paternal grandparents were Louis XIV of France[4] and Maria Theresa of Austria. His maternal grandparents were Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria and Princess Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, the daughter of Victor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy.

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