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Phoenix is an Australian police drama television series. Phoenix screened as two thirteen-part series on Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1992 and 1993.

The first series of Phoenix in 1992 recounted the investigation of the bombing of the Victorian state police headquarters, loosely based on a real case in the mid-1980s, the Russell Street Bombing. It was aided by extensive research into police techniques and was lauded as one of the most realistic depictions of police investigation techniques, including both surveillance and forensics, as well as having an involving storyline.

Notable for its dark visual tone and for its no-holds-barred attitude to violence and language.

It spawned a second thirteen-part series, Phoenix II, in 1993 as well as a spin-off series, Janus, in 1994 devoted to the machinations of court cases.

The series was created and produced by Tony McDonald and Alison Nisselle and screened by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The ABC have released Series 1 and 2 on DVD (Region 4) as a 4 DVD box set.



Series 1

  • Top Quality Crims was aired on 13 February 1992
  • Christmas in July was aired on 13 February 1992
  • A Bunch of Big Girls was aired on 20 February 1992
  • On the Edge was aired on 27 February 1992
  • A Dog's Life was aired on 5 March 1992
  • Out in the Cold was aired on 12 March 1992
  • Old Rules, New Game was aired on 19 March 1992
  • Fond Memories was aired on 26 March 1992
  • Shaking the Tree was aired on 2 April 1992
  • Blessed are the Peace Makers was aired on 9 April 1992
  • Hair of the Dog was aired on 16 April 1992
  • Paradise Tomorrow was aired on 23 April 1992
  • Hard Ball was aired on 30 April 1992

Series 2

  • Victims Forever was aired on 4 March 1993
  • Deal or Pay was aired on 11 March 1993
  • Married to the Job was aired on 18 March 1993
  • The Return was aired on 25 March 1993
  • Inside Information was aired on 8 April 1993
  • Safe as Houses was aired on 15 April 1993
  • Aladdin's Cave was aired on 22 April 1993
  • In on the Joke was aired on 29 April 1993
  • Give a Dog a Bone was aired on 6 May 1993
  • Shuffling the Deck was aired on 13 May 1993
  • Under Siege was aired on 20 May 1993
  • Snow Job was aired on 27 May 1993
  • Hit, Shit and Scatter was aired on 3 June 1993


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