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The Phrozen Crew (PC) is a group of computer software crackers.



Phrozen Crew was founded in 1993 by Aphex Twin who recruited The Keyboard Caper (tKC), who would eventually come to lead Phrozen Crew.[1]

It was small to begin with, containing only four members: tKC (president), Psylocke (vice president ansi coder), Mutha (musician), and Lucido (graphics).[citation needed]


In 1995, PC became more active and released their first crack, PC_CMNU5.ZIP.[1]

In 1996, they started up #PC96 on EFnet, the first Phrozen Crew IRC channel, which was used to distribute their releases. They also distributed through software called Oscar.[citation needed]

In 1997, it was reported that Phrozen Crew were running sites that distributed "illegal cracks" for Microsoft software, but were consequently shut down. PC was also seen to distribute cracks for software.[2]

In 1998 however, the rapid growth led to the Phrozen Crew falling out. Many members left, they almost disintegrated; only the core members remained active. Despite this, PC found its way back on track by late '98 with the hard work of ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN, tHATDUDE and others.[citation needed]

Phrozen Crew moved to #PC98. After PC members voted to stop distributing cracks via DCC in their channel, Taylor^ and Genesis`(Amadeus`) formed #Cracks EFnet, with the voiced fileservers who had worked in the PC channel and the eggdrop and miIRC scripts that Amadeus` had developed.

In 2004, Nitallica became the president and Baudie became the Vice President.[1]


Oscar is software license key database software. It is able to store hundreds of thousands of serial numbers for anyone to use with any version of a program at a particular time. It uses a special format for storing them, and people update the database using that type of file. Updates for serial database software can be found on many Internet sites. The most common usage of Oscar is for warez software. Phrozen Crew was one of the first warez groups use the Oscar format to release thousands of license keys at once.[citation needed]

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